Electric vehicles

Growth in electric vehicles is increasing dramatically with more and more electric cars and vans sold each year. The technology is still evolving but for many public and private sector organisations there can be significant benefits in considering a partial or full move to electric fleet vehicles. 

At Zexu we have real experience of working with EVs. We have a good understanding of the current technology and that which is due to be released in the near term. We can help your organisation understand your usage profiles and what solutions might suit your business and the associated benefits. 

The UK Government still has a number of incentives for electric cars and plug-in hybrids, including Enhanced Capital Allowance, a purchase price grant and low Benefit-in-Kind rates. 

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Charging solutions

Electric vehicle charging systems come in a range of types and capacities. Currently there is only partial standardisation in the market. There are three main types of charging connector and four different modes of charging. Charging capacities range from a couple of kilowatts, that will take all night to charge a car, to over 100kW that will replenish a car with over 200 miles range in around 30 minutes. 

Investment in charging infrastructure needs to be considered carefully and aligned to organisational objectives. Chargers can be fitted with integrated access and payment systems or accessed with a simple key or made freely available. 

For fleet users consideration of typical routes, required speed of recharge and availability of public charging stations are all important. 

Zexu is able to support organisation looking to install on premises charging infrastructure, both through initial strategy and in systems design and installation. 

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